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Tampa Bay Wave's TechDiversity Accelerator Fosters Innovation By Underrepresented

Tampa Bay Wave, an “entrepreneurial hub” dedicated to helping tech startups become scalable businesses, is currently accepting applications for their TechDiversity Accelerator program. The program, funded by The Nielsen Foundation, focuses on accelerating startups that are at least 51% owned by women, minorities, veterans, LGBTQ+, or persons with disabilities.

The 90-day program began accepting applications in March, and will do so until April 12, extended from March 31st due to the coronavirus outbreak. The program expects to accept between 8-10 companies for their 2020 cohort. Each year since its inception in 2018, interest in the program has grown, increasing the numbers of applicants.

America thrives on diversity, and the conversation about representation has gotten loud enough recent years that it is spilling over into the business world. Companies understand that they cannot succeed with mass appeal unless they are inclusive of all races and gender identities, and generally supportive of the underrepresented. Some companies go so far as to invest specifically in programs that support such underrepresented groups to do their part in balancing the playing field.

To read the full article by Grit Daily, click here.

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